Digitemis: expert solutions
in cybersecurity and compliance

For over ten years, our team has been working and developing in the world of cybersecurity. Through our interactions with small and large economic players, we found they all faced complex or out-dated systems to protect their assets.


We founded Digitemis in 2014 with the conviction that the entire ecosystem of an organisation (from projects and customers to partners, suppliers and subsidiaries) had to be understood before true dominion over its risks and compliance issues could be established. On this basis, we have designed intuitive, collaborative and complete solutions to assist our clients in warding off new threats.

Our journey and recognition

Integration into Station F

Integration into Station F

The start of this year was marked by the move of the Paris team to Europe’s largest start-up incubator.


Pass French Tech and France Cybersecurity label

Renewal of the Pass French Tech for the 3rd year running

This year saw Digitemis receive its third Pass French Tech. This label was in recognition of the organic growth sustained by Digitemis which has doubled his revenue every year since its founding!

DIGITEMIS opens in Paris

Office opened for our Parisian clients

Receipt of GDPR Governance label

The CNIL Governance label is based on the rules and good practices to be followed in complying with data protection and rights.

Datadock accredited

Datadock verifies the compliance of training bodies that are registered on the platform. As such, those bodies meet the statutory quality requirements.

Multi-publisher catalogue of the Central Public Procurement Office (UGAP)

PASSI certification

Launch of training centre

PASSI certificate by ANSSI

The PASSI certificate seeks to improve the quality of security audits by establishing certain criteria. It is a guarantee on the auditors’ skills and the firm’s ethics. It is also an assurance that the methodology complies with the PASSI standard.

Digitemis receives CNIL label

Award of 6 CNIL labels

The CNIL label offers a way for companies to highlight the quality of their service. It is a mark of trust in the labelled products or procedures.

Award of Initiative Remarquable label

Businesses that receive the “Initiative Remarquable” label have created jobs, achieved economic success and made responsible commitments.

Launch of the IoTrust project

The security audits and R&D as a Service that we provide for connected objects laid the groundwork for us, in partnership with the MAIF Foundation and ESIEA, to design the IoTrust standard.

Our values