A continuous
improvement process

Digitemis approach Digitemis approach
We support you in improving your compliance maturity level to attain optimal compliance and security.

Audits / Penetration tests / Risk analysis

To determine where your business is on the maturity spectrum relating to security and compliance and the necessary actions needed, we begin by conducting audits or tests to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This overview of your situation allows us to identify your security needs as well as your legal, regulatory and contractual compliance requirements.


Training / Awareness

The expert trainers at DIGITEMIS guide you in CNIL-approved, interactive training and awareness sessions. In both personal data management and IT security, our trainers will fully meet your needs by leveraging their thorough knowledge of business sectors (private enterprises, public bodies).


Certification & compliance / External DPO & CISO

Assessments allow us to draw up a blueprint with a priority action plan that is adapted to the strategic goals of your business. They provide a clear overview on the risks faced and the actions to be established. The support from DIGITEMIS, buttressed by technical, organisational and legal experts, manifests in discussions, meetings and constant monitoring until your company is compliant and receives certification. We also offer options to outsource your DPO and CISO roles, in addition to CISO coaching.


Annual report / Follow-up audit

DIGITEMIS offers continuous improvement support with the option of a mock certification audit on cybersecurity or even a regular reassessment of the group’s compliance level on personal data management.