Pen tests & expertise

Penetration and security attacks based on rigorous methodology and R&D

Penetration tests

From initial audits to recurrent audits on information system security, penetration tests are crucial operations for protecting your systems.

A pen test service provider conducts attacks on your website aimed at strategic elements: ERP (SAP, Dynamics), Active Directory, partitioned networks, design offices, etc.
All our pen tests take a scenario-based approach.

We offer internal and external pen tests and real-time attack simulations (Red Team).

Phishing programmes

Phishing is possibly the most common technique for exploiting human error. Perpetrators enter into contact, often by email, and try pass themselves off as a reliable figure.

We rely on the “Phish & Chips” solution that has been fully developed by our teams to offer two approaches:

• a turnkey service, quick and simple (express programme)

• a bespoke service, for responding to specific issues (tailor-made programme)

“White box” audits

Our pen test service has 3 offerings:

• Configuration audit: Verify that security practices compliant with professional standards as well as with the internal rules and requirements on hardware and software settings within the information system are implemented.

• Code audit: During the review of the source code, we can identify errors which are hard to detect or which can be exploited by attackers.

• Cybersecurity by design: Our experts accompany you throughout the cycle of your product to integrate cybersecurity protocols from design onwards.

DIGITEMIS strenghts

Experienced consultants working in pairs.

In-depth knowledge of cutting-edge fields: Active Directory, ERP (SAP, Dynamics, etc.), AS/400, etc.

PASSI qualification and data protected in a restricted network.

Cybersecurity R&D division that issues publications and organises conferences.

Extensive expertise

IBM i (AS/400) audit

We have developed audit and penetration tools and methodologies specially for IBM i (AS/400) systems. Often ignored, these systems are generally a major concern for business continuity.

IoT audit and R&D

The security audits and R&D as a Service that we provide for connected objects laid the groundwork for us, in partnership with the MAIF Foundation and ESIEA, to design the IoTrust standard.

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