GDPR Compliance

Personal data protection and governance

Compliance audit

Digitemis offers website and software compliance inspections as well as control simulations and GDPR maturity audits. The latter helps assess a company’s level of compliance with the European data protection legislation.

Compliance training and awareness

Our accredited experts can offer you two courses: “Personal Data Management” and “Becoming a DPO”. They can also train your staff to be aware of the issues surrounding personal data.

Compliance guidance

Digitemis offers guidance through various services such as data process mapping, privacy impact assessment, Privacy by Design, and it can perform DPO duties.

DIGITEMIS strenghts

Qualified legal experts specialised in data protection law and practice.

Support with an expansive and responsive overview of organisational, legal, technical and human aspects.

Thorough knowledge of business sectors (private companies, public bodies) to fulfil your obligations as effectively as possible.

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