BookMyData, GDPR management solution

BookMyData allows each organization to easily manage all the appropriate actions to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

  • All in one
  • Simple
  • Collaborative

BookMyData eases the creation and every-day management of GDPR records of processing activities. Thanks to its ease-of-use interface, the solution enables every stakeholders of an organization to create, modify, archive or erase a processing.

  • Collaborative update of processing
  • Data transfer management and follow-up
  • Complete life cycle management : Validation > Operations > Archiving > Erasing

BookMyData - GDPR Records of processing activities

BookMyData simplifies violations management and monitors actions to be taken. The app automatically creates emails to be sent to the appropriate third parties: authorities, data controllers, and affected users.

  • Security violation notification
  • Accountability attribution
  • Communication on personal data violations

BookMyData - Violations management

BookMyData is a collaborative solution which improves awareness of the employees on privacy protection best practices. It offers file sharing and specific ressources from the web.

  • Specific ressources
  • Communication templates for the employees
  • News for the employees

BookMyData - Staff sensitisation

BookMyData is an every day GDPR management tool. The solution provides end-users a dashboard with their actions plan and KPIs on their GDPR compliance.

  • Actions plan
  • KPIs
  • GDPR data flows

BookMyData - Dashboard

BookMyData provides specific features to manage privacy claims. It enables a detailed follow-up to manage answers in a timely manner.

  • On-going claims follow-up
  • Check of answers delays
  • Communication with appropriate stakeholders

BookMyData - Claims follow-up

BookMyData provides every organisation the capacity to evaluate its GDPR compliance level and the ones of its third parties. Compliance evaluation is based on internal data protection policy, security measures, and privacy rights enforcement.

  • Regulatory compliance self-assessment
  • Evaluation and management of third parties compliance
  • Personalized recommandations and conformity support

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