Information security system


Architecture Audit

It studying the strategy operated by the organization to dimension, interconnect and organize the elements of the information system.

Malicious tests

The malicious audit is about to simulate, in the framework of a supervised service, acts of social engineering towards the personnel of the organization.

Physical Security Audit

Evaluate the effectiveness, robustness and control of measures to ensure the physical protection of premises, computer rooms, equipment and people.

Organizational audit

Evaluating the maturity of organizational and technical security measures, and their governance regards to the security needs of the organization, the state of the art or the standards in force.

Compliance audit

Compliance audit is a tool for evaluating and diagnosing compliance with an established reference framework for information security.

Configuration audit

It involves to audit the parameters of the key hardware and software of the information system and comparing them to the needs and security requirements defined by the organization, regulatory and contractual texts.


Support for ISO 27001 certification

Support your organization in the implementation of a safety management system in accordance with ISO 27001: 2013

Hosting health data

Help organizations in the process of obtaining the HDS accreditation (health host)

CISO Coaching

Digitemis proposes to put at your disposal one or several consultants to ensure a role of CISO, to accompany your CISO in place or to train him on a post.

Risk analysis

Digitemis proposes to carry out a risk analysis to identify the risks to which your organization is exposed and to propose the means to cover them.

Security policies

Digitemis proposes to implement an Information Systems Security Policy to communicate and define the security strategy.


Conducting a staff awareness campaign on the security of the information system.

Logging and detecting data breaches

Accompaniment of a plan for setting up a logging architecture and detection of violation.

Continuity and recovery of activity

Digitemis offers to support you and train you in the realization and formalization of your continuity and / or recovery plans.