List of awards received by DIGITEMIS for its privacy and cybersecurity expertise


Obtaining the France Cybersecurity certification label

DIGITEMIS receives the France Cybersecurity certification label for its innovative softwares:

  • PERIDIAG : solution for assessing and piloting third party cyber security (suppliers, subcontractors …)
  • BookMyData : GDPR Compliance Management Solution
Obtention du Pass French Tech pour récompenser l'hyper-croissance de DIGITEMIS

French Tech Pass renewal

Digitemis has doubled its turnover every year for the last for years! In 2018, Digitemis is one of the very few French startups to renew its French Tech Pass, a national support program for hyper-growth French Tech companies.

DIGITEMIS obtient le label Gouvernance RGPD par la CNIL

Obtaining the GDPR Governance Certification Label

The CNIL (French data protection authority) Governance certification label defines the rules and good practices to follow according to the principles of the GDPR and “Informatique et Libertés” French law.

Logo de la République Française

PASSI qualification by ANSSI

The PASSI qualification by ANSSI (“Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information”, the French cybersecurity national agency) is a strict legal framework to provide security and confidence assurance of cybersecurity teams. It is a guarantee of technical, ethical, and methodological competencies by named auditors within a company.

Agrément Datadock

Datadock approval

Datadock is a unique database for created by the 20 OPCAs, including FAFIEC, and OPACIF. It follows the publication of the common list of 21 indicators to validate compliance by training organizations with the six quality criteria set by the decree of 30 June 2015, which came into force on 1 January 2017.

Obtention du Pass French Tech pour récompenser l'hyper-croissance de DIGITEMIS

Obtaining the French Tech Pass

This national program rewards promising results of the “hyper-growth” companies. In 2017, Digitemis is the only company in the Pays de la Loire region (west-side of France) qualified to join the circle of French high potential technological companies.

Logo Label CNIL Formation Délégué à la Protection des Données Personnelles

Obtaining 6 CNIL certification labels

The CNIL (French data protection authority) certification labels distinguish the quality of organization services. For users, it is an indicator of trust in products or labeled procedures.

Logo Entreprise Remarquable

Obtaining the Initiative Remarkable certification label

The companies certified “remarkable initiative” combine job creation, economic success and responsible commitments.

Logo Crédit Impôt Recherche

Obtaining CIR approval (Research Tax Credit)

The CIR finances all R&D expenses and a part of the innovation expenditure made by SMEs about designing prototypes activities or installing new products.

Logo Jeune Entreprise Innovante

Obtaining the status of JEI (Young Innovative Company)

This program allows young French SMEs to obtain all or part of certain social and tax contributions to help finance their Research and Development activities.

Logo Lauréat Réseau Entreprendre Vendée

Laureate of Réseau Entreprendre Vendée (Entrepreneurship Vendée Network)

Réseau Entreprendre Vendée is an association of business leaders that aims to financially and humanly support the creators and buyers of companies in Vendée French department.